They are the little things that make a difference, that matter so much. 

That message from a friend who remembered your doctors appointment and asks you how it was.
That little kid you do not know that waved at you on the train.
A strangers dog trying to steal your sandwich. That stranger coming to apologize.

The wind playing with the trees. Are they dancing for you?
Warm sunbeams on your skin, a home, safety, a little cake, a tiny snail that traveled into your kitchen on a broccoli, a colorful sunrise…

The list is endless, the list of little huge things.

Here is the beginning of mine….

Nostalgia, lazy summer days…

Little creates crawl around in my house. They find me in the vegetable store and then follow me home. They appear in my fridge, in the pantry, on the wall and try to take control of my camera…

Improvise and play, life is as fun as you make it.