AERO was the first big work I completed after having left the Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp.
She got her good looks in Norway, where I spent 2 years surrounded by nature´s splendor in the middle of city life. Her voice was given to her when I left this foggy, rainy, snowy, icy paradise for warmer surroundings: Portugal, and it was given to her by the great composer: João Madeira.

She is a musical & visual meditation on those things that cannot be captured in words, concepts, that which moves all. 
That, which is as sound, music, the unifying force of Aero, that as a work of art, reveals itself in many different forms. But itself, it is no-form. It is like a play between air and water, the two elements through which sound travels out and inside of you, transforming the air, the atmosphere around you and the world inside of you.
The artwork Aero shows all being moved by something one cannot see. Like us Aero seems to be searching for what form to give to that which is present. But completion never arises, all stays in a state of play of form in formlessness and, becomes more playful and gracious as it moves along.

Photograph by João Pisco from a live performance of AERO at Fabrica Braço de Prata, Lisboa.